Planning for Prom Events for you Kids?


It is prom season and you are looking to book a nice limo in Michigan for your son or daughter’s prom? I have decades of experience dealing with local limo companies and seen many varrying different types of limo owners that all have their special knack of what makes them great and what draw backs each of them have in regards to different things they can improve on and what points you need to look for when you are looking to book with a limo company.

Here are few basic pointers.

  1. Mike sure the vehicle is insured and licensed
  2. Make sure the limo owner actually owns the vehicle your looking for
  3. Make sure the company is not ridden with negative reviews.
  4. Make sure they have new vehicles
  5. Having good reviews is a plus but not always necessary

This is prom season and many limo company will also have party bus. One of the reason why people will go with the party bus is that it will obviously be more room. People can stand up and walk around. There will be other things like a dance pole. But keep in mind party buses are more expensive simply because they will eat up more gas. If you do not care about the extra room but still want a luxury vehicle to transport 20 people, then a SUV limo may be a good option for you like the H2 Hummer or Excursion limo.

Definition of prom tells us that it should be a formal event, so the kids should get what the event calls for a really nice vehicle. It is therefore imperative to go with a reputable, good company because many limo companies out there run with 10 to 15 year old vehicles that people will be embarrassed by. That is the absolute last thing you want when you go with a limo company.

So during prom season make sure you do you due dilligence and pick a company that provides excellent limo service, like the ones I’ve mentioned in previous posts.

Your kids deserve it.

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Lawtographer’s new insights

Nadine and Brian's wedding

Working with many limo companies in the last several months, I’ve been thinking about the potential of money that could be made by partnering up with the limousine companies and doing a whole wedding package deal where my limo partner does the wedding service and I do the photography.

We started doing this with few of my limo owner partners and we are having great success, our clients are loving the fact that we are customizing a wedding package for them, after all people love things that are specific and customized to them!

I am learning about the power of networking and partnering up with other business owners. The power of team is something that needs to be harnessed because everyone is great a particular thing or skill, instead of trying to be a one man show, perhaps its better to find people that are good at one thing and let them do that, while you focus on the other things that you are good at. Therefore effectively complimenting each other’s skill and talents.

This is what Steve Jobbs meant when he said that its important to create a solid team. Surround yourself with experts and you will produce amazing product and services. For me, I have been working with limo owners for the good part of last 5 years and I had not really worked with them yet on this level. Yea I would go do wedding photography but it wasn’t business that was referred to me by the limo owner but customers I have acquired.

Now I am getting customers through my limo guy and he is getting customer from by client base, thereby we are benefiting each other in a truly symbiotic relationship.

I can’t wait to report on what more wedding clients I will be able to photograph soon.

-Talk soon

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Planning for a Party Bus rental in Michigan for Tiger’s Games?


Getting a large group together for the summer and heading down to Comerica Park to watch the Tiger’s Game is one of the best things me and my family do every year.

After being in this industry of helping fellow limo companies out with my wedding photography business, I have come to get to know few owners out there, and various limo companies of Detroit and I know which company is worth looking at for 2015.

But before we go any further, let’s take a look at some of the perks of renting a party bus or a limo for Tiger’s Game, after all it is extra expense, and it has to be justifiable or worth it to you.

Here are top reason why me and my family will rent a party bus for the annual Tiger’s Game event.

1. We get all the family and friends there in one quick swoop, meaning if you tell your relatives to meet you there at the baseball game, over the years we have found that not everyone can make it for one reason or another, their dog died, or there was a car breakdown or their daughter got sick. However when you rent a party bus for the event and tell everybody you got a 25 passenger party bus limo ready to take everyone to Comerica Park then the turn up immediately changes and everyone wants to rush

2. Getting a Party Bus means more opportunity for people to get loose and enjoy the moment. When you are dealing with the hassle of traffic, and finding parking it can get pretty stressful getting down to the Tiger’s Game, especially if you are coming from the more rural areas of Michigan like some of our relatives, so getting down to Detroit can feel extra stressful when all of the sudden you have 5 times the more cars on the road and navigating through so many cars and civilians wizzing past you especially on game day. This stress is not conducive to a relaxed and enjoyable day, but if you have a party bus all of the burden is gone, and you can just have a blast with your family as well as drinking various beverages on the ride down! it’s creates a great big bonding moments as you can imagine.

3. After parties!!! of course when you get everyone in the party bus one the way back, people just don’t want to end the fun too quickly, so After parties are big thing whenever we do these events. Whereas if you get everyone to come separately they all leave separately so no after parties. Its amazing just having one party bus can do to the event, instead of meeting at the baseball game only, which is fleeting because everyone attention is on the game, when you get people back to the party bus, the fun really begins to take off. We go to more bars in Detroit or we go to the casino MGM later on depending on how well everyone’s holding up. Lately everyone is wanting to rage till late in the night! It is a fantastic time.

So if you are thinking about renting a party bus for Tiger’s Game this summer I highly recommend it. As for which company to book with, refer to my earlier posts and continue to follow the blog for future posts where I will review more limo companies in Michigan that has excellent service and that I can confidently recommend after seeing them in action numerous times.


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What makes an outstanding Limo Company and How to Pick the Right one In Michigan


Hey everyone Lawtographer here and today I want to talk about what makes a limo company great?

Because we are in the Prom season, many parents and kids are calling up limos but beware not all limousine companies were created equal even if the website shows same vehicle as other companies.

When you are looking for best prom limo in Michigan there’s few things to watch out for so you know you are picking the right one.

1. They have to be licensed and insured: this gets many people dumbfounded but the truth is many limo companies out there are operating without a license or being insured. It costs thousands of dollars per month to have some of these vehicles insured and many owners out there do try to get by without proper licensing. That’s just the reality of the limo industry and you have to take your pick carefully to find the reputable company in your area. There’s always at least few that are truly exceptional in every area.


2. They have to have fairly new vehicles: You may be browsing online for limo service in Michigan and you come across many sites with the H2 Hummer Limo as that is quite popular and industry standard as far as a big limousine that seats up to 20 passengers, but keep in mind even though the pictures may look similar on the sites, one Hummer limo can be 10 years old and the other could be brand new, it is difficult to tell these things by pictures alone so go do your homework on this note, especially if you are planning the limo rental for a wedding or other special event, you definitely want vehicles that are decently new. We all know cars get worn out and there is something special about a newer car and how it feel upon entry.


3. Pick a company that is respectful: It is true that you will call some limo companies and you like the person on the other end and they seem honest and reputable, while you call some other company and it feels like you are talking to someone that doesn’t care. Well chances are that the first company well give much better service for your event. You have to remember that its not just the vehicle you are renting but everything that goes into getting that limo and driver prepared for your special day. This means that the company has to be owned by a great owner that manages everything like its their child. Chances are if they come off as people that’s not that interested in serving you, even if you get a better price you will get far inferior service. But these things are not black and white, this is where you should use your gut instinct when talking to these companies.


For all the limo owners out there Michigan, this should serve as a warning if you are lacking in any of these areas to pick your game up and nail these core principles down because this is how the top dogs are being successful in this industry. If you hired someone to take the phone calls, give them a break for a day, and you try handling the calls, you might be surprised how much more leads you will begin closing right away. As an owner (you should) fight for every lead and follow up to acquire those leads.


If you are consumer looking to invest in a limo transportation, let this article serve as a reminder to do your due diligence when picking your company. In my last article, I wrote about a particularly good limo company in Michigan.

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If you are looking for Limousine Company in Western Michigan


Recently I am getting a lot of inquiries from Western Michigan for wedding photography, and many of my clients are still in the process of setting up different services for their wedding, I see many of them looking for a quality limousine company that can give them one in a lifetime type of luxury limo service that will create a lasting memory for them.

I do have over 5 years of experience dealing with various limo companies in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Battle Creek Michigan and there is one company whom I really like.

Grand Rapids Limo

(616) 682-6226

Let me list you the top 5 reason why I like this company and why I would recommend them confidently as one of the best limo company in Western Michigan.

Top 5 Reason Why You Should Choose Grand Rapids Limo

  1. They have the largest Fleet in Western Michigan
  2. They Have the Newest & Most Luxury Limos Including Audi Q7 Limo which is really rare I believe it is the only one in Michigan, as I work with many limo companies in Metro Detroit and none of them have this vehicle
  3. Very professional Driver and friendly owner: I work with many limo companies and sometimes the driver can make be bit of a downer, not the case with Grand Rapids Limo they have very professional, courteous driver, among the best I’ve seen
  4. Affordable Rates: When I compare their rates to what I see in Metro Detroit, these guys do a good job while keeping the prices very reasonable, it is a relief for most wedding couples
  5. Unique Limousine & Big Party Buses: They also have very unique limos such as Pink H2 Hummer limo and big 35 passenger party buses, so they are very versatile company

When deciding for a limo company, one thing you definitely have to watch out for is that not all companies are running with the top end vehicles that you might expect. In fact you will be surprised at how many of them actually run with vehicles that are quite old and not something you would ever want at a classy wedding. I have so many times when they wedding couple picked the most beautiful banquet hall or venue to do the wedding and the limousine that takes people to the beautiful venue is not looking so pristine and that’s a real shame. I want people to have third party opinion on some of these limo companies because if you just visit their webpages all of them are talking about how great they are and that they are the #1 in Michigan but you will never know for sure until you speak to someone that have tried them in the past.

Well I am someone that’s worked with pretty much all limo companies and I like to believe that I have a pretty good grasp of who’s out there and how I can help you pick the best company for you.

email me for any questions

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